About Us

Rita Baglietto and Hanna Olivieri of Ms Moxie Project
mox·ie /ˈmäksē/ noun 1. force of character, determination, or nerve.


We are Hannah Olivieri and Rita Miles Baglietto, owners and hair stylists of Ms. Moxie Project (formerly Salon 359) in Newport Beach, California.  To all of you reading this that don't know us yet, WELCOME!

Our specialty is BEAUTY.  We are obsessed with ALL THINGS BEAUTY, so we have spent more than a year re-imagining what beauty means to us.  If we were to tell you all of the ways we have changed, both personally and our brand, you would think none of it made sense.  When you put it all together, it suddenly makes sense.

We have cultivated a catalogue of items that represent our industry to create a little fun, designed with love and laughter just for you.  You are more than just the sum of your parts, you have MOXIE.


Life has done its best over the past several years to knock us down - knock us ALL down - in different ways.  This project started as a way for us to re-imagine our lives and to reconstruct our personal place in this professional world.  The project has evolved into a place of support and understanding as we all learn what the world will look like in the future.

We had an idea to create a new brand concept to innovate and reinvent our current space.  We dreamed of transforming our beautiful space into something completely new.  You can see glimpses of what it's become in the photos spread all over this site.

BREW'ty Beauty and Coffee Bar - Home of Coiffe Talk

This website is our way to pivot during uncertain times and has become a new way to introduce "BREW'ty" and "Ms MOXIE Project" to you.

We do it with laughter, silliness, and love.  And always with a touch of class.  As we said, we are obsessed with all things beauty.

Regardless of where this pandemic takes us, we are forever grateful to you and look forward to coming back stronger.